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2016-2019 Strategic Plan

As a result of a rigorous strategic planning process, we are pleased to share with you the Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada’s (CANet) first strategic plan. This plan reflects where the Network wants to go in the next three years and how to get there.

This is a critical time for the network and the formation of this plan was a collaboration between our network investigators, our partners, the board and the administrative centre. Continuing this collaboration will also be critical in executing the plan and ensuring our future success.

We are committed – as demonstrated in this plan – to world-class, patient-focused excellence in research; international collaborations; and solutions-driven outcomes that will impact the lives of the millions of Canadians affected by arrhythmia-related illnesses.

At the core of the Network’s success are our connections with our researchers, trainees, and our fully-engaged patients and partners.

CANet is harnessing the talents of the best arrhythmia researchers, engineers and social scientists in Canada with an end goal of making new discoveries and transforming them into products, services, and improved processes to achieve national and global impact.

Together, we are working towards the future, which is shaped by a clear vision: a transformed Canadian arrhythmia care ecosystem focused on the individual needs of each patient.

Click on the document to read CANet’s 2016-2016 Strategic Plan.