CANet HQP Association for Trainees

The Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) is committed to finding innovative solutions to reduce premature death and suffering caused by heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias). These solutions will also lead to economic and/or social benefits for the Canadian population.

CANet strongly recognizes that sustaining the future of this initiative lies in the hands of the next generation of investigators, clinicians, and health care professionals – also known as the development of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP).

CHAT provides a valuable resource for individuals to converse with like-minded colleagues and take part in events and competitions which will help to further strengthen their research and career development.


Individuals that are in the field of arrhythmia research or practice aligned with CANet’s strategic plan are eligible for membership under the following categories:

  • Students in progress of completing degrees (MSc, PhD, MD) in the fields of medical, scientific, engineering, social science and/or health care
  • Medical Residents and Fellows, Post-doctoral fellows
  • Professional advancement (research associates, assistants, technologists)

IMPORTANT NOTE: To be able to receive funding from CANet trainee competitions and be eligible for free registration to the CANet annual conference, applicants must be supported by a CANet Network Investigator. This is NOT a mandatory requirement for membership.


As fulfillment of membership, all CANet Trainees are expected to:

  • Embrace the spirit of collaboration
  • Participate in multi-disciplinary discussion at CANet networking events or on the trainee forum
  • Help to achieve milestones on CANet sponsored research projects, if applicable
  • Provide CANet administrative office with abstracts/manuscripts arising from your work
  • Poster or speaking presentations at the CANet annual conference, if applicable
  • Acknowledge any CANet funding in publications and/or presentations
  • Submit annual updated CVs to the CANet Administrative Office or online database


All CANet Trainees are entitled to the following membership benefits:

  • Free registration and possibly sponsorship to the CANet annual conference including all trainee related events (workshops, trainee/mentor breakfast, networking sessions, etc.)*
  • Integrated, multi-disciplinary research collaboration opportunities
  • Access to CANet Trainee funding competitions*
  • Access to arrhythmia R&D employment opportunity postings on the CANet web site and internal newsletter
  • Dissemination opportunities for CANet research results to the scientific community and the public
  • Subscription to monthly and quarterly electronic CANet internal newsletters
  • Access to trainee-restricted area of CANet web site including forums
  • Recognition of participation in Network in the CANet annual report and website

* see eligibility for restrictions


The CANet Membership application consists of:

1)    The completed CANet membership application form with signatures where applicable

2)    A maximum length of 1 page document (minimum size 12 Times Roman and ¾ inch (2 cm) margins) describing how you would benefit from becoming a member of the CANet Trainee Association. This should also include your current or future research interests and career goals.

3)    Your CV

Submit your completed application and your CV in a single PDF document to Please note that hard copy submissions are not required.



Proposals will be reviewed by the CANet administrative staff in collaboration with the Chair of the CANet Training and Education Committee.

Membership Application Form

Please download and complete the form to register as a CANet Trainee.