Accommodations and Travel

CANet is offering to cover the conference costs outlined in the table below.

Please refer to the CANet Travel Expense Reimbursement Policy for further information about guidelines and compensation. All submitted expenses are subject to review and approval by the CANet Administrative Centre.

NOTE: Space is limited. If there are any questions regarding your registration, a member of CANet’s Administrative Centre may contact you.


Attendee Accommodations* Travel (airfare, taxis, meals while travelling)
CANet Funded Program/Project Participants
(Trainees, Patients, Health Professionals)
Some funding budgets included conference attendance provisions. Contact your Lead for more information. If your program/project did not include conference attendance provisions, see below.
Network Investigator – MD YES NO
Network Investigator – Non MD YES YES
Committee/Council Member YES YES
Board Member YES YES
Network Trainee (CHAT Member) YES YES
Network Associate
  • Patient connected to a CANet Funded Program/Project
  • Health Professional (e.g. Research Coordinator)
    connected to a CANet Funded Program/Project
  • Research Coordinator invited to attend
Government Partner NO NO
Not-For-Profit Partner NO NO
Industry Partner NO NO
Non-Network Member NO NO


If you qualify for reimbursement, the following accommodation nights will be eligible:

  • Tuesday, September 12 – CHAT Trainee Day attendees only
  • Wednesday, September 13
  • Thursday, September 14


*Accommodation reimbursement amount is up to $185 – the preferred rate available at the Westin Nova Scotian