Heart Month

CANet Heart Month Kick-Off Event

Heart Month Kick-Off Event

Thank you all who braved the cold to attend our kick-off event. Stay tuned to our Twitter feed!

February is Heart Month

With your support, our goal is to increase and promote heart health awareness across Canada and continue to bring attention to the importance of taking care of our vital organ—the heart. Throughout February (and beyond), our Heart Month mandate is to: raise awareness of healthy lifestyle choices that reduce the risk of heart disease; promote community and partnership heart health events and; keep you updated on the research and impacts made by our Network.

Join us in bringing attention to the importance of cardiovascular health, and what we can do to reduce our risk of cardiovascular disease. Tell us what your organization is doing as we would love to acknowledge other Pan-Canadian heart month initiatives.

Let us know it by tagging your tweets, posts, etc. with @CANet_NCE and our hashtag #CANetHeartMonth.

CANet Heart Month T-Shirt

We would love for you to participate in our Heart Month awareness campaign by wearing red or our CANet ‘Heart’ t-shirt, taking a photo, and sharing your support on social media #CANetHeartMonth

We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing your Heart Month celebrations!

To request a t-shirt, please contact us at communications@canet-nce.ca.

28 days of activities

Kick-start a healthier heart

Take part in our 28 Day Heart Healthy Challenge! It’s simple, every day for the month of February follow our daily heart health activities and share your experience socially! Don’t forget to tag your posts with #CANetHeartMonth and #HeartMonth.

1. Learn the importance of knowing your numbers – blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and BMI

2. Do something that makes you laugh

3. Plan and prepare all your lunches for the week

4. It’s Monday, get moving and only take the stairs

5. In preparation for a healthy start, schedule your yearly physical exam

6. Get your brain started on hump day by learning the risk factors for heart disease

7. Get up from your seat and move every 30 minutes

8. TGIF and celebrate with some dark chocolate

9. Do something good for someone else

10. Prepare all your meals for the day minus the salt

11. Learn a lifesaving skill and register for a CPR class

12. Find a quiet spot and meditate for 15 minutes

13. Wear red in support of women’s heart health, share your picture with #HerHeartMatters!

14. Tell someone special in your life how important they are

15. Be amazed and research your heart anatomy and function

16. Can’t squeeze the gym in between Saturday chores, combine the two and clean a little harder today

17. Try and make Sunday dinner a vegan affair

18. Stretch and sweat it out on the yoga mat

19. Go nutty and snack only on walnuts, almonds and/or pecans

20. It’s been a long day, take some time and appreciate your day’s efforts

21. Think only positive thoughts about yourself

22. Change it up and set an alarm to head to bed, aim for an optimal 8 hours of sleep

23. Focus on your middle and do 30 sit-ups

24. Start and try to complete a jigsaw puzzle

25. Early detection is vital, learn more about heart rhythm abnormalities

26. Get up and dance to the beat of your heart

27. Fiber-up and add beans to one of your meals

28. Make us smile and share your heart health highlights using #CANetHeartMonth

Our Impact

Help us reach our Network goals of advancing heart rhythm health. To learn more about our goals and the impacts we've made, click here.

This monitor – this research – saved my life. I’m convinced of it.

Jacinthe Bisson
Patient – Took part in a CANet funded research study to monitor patients with fainting spells

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