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“Given the number of patients suffering with atrial fibrillation and the significant healthcare costs associated with managing it, there is a critical need for innovative minimally invasive cardiac procedures that improve patient outcomes without increasing healthcare costs”

Dr. Jason Andrade
Cardiology Fellow, University of Calgary and CHAT Member

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Job Posting – Knowledge Mobilization Specialist

The Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) is the gateway to arrhythmia research and development in Canada. One point of contact links pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, government and not-a‐for‐profit organizations to world-leading Canadian arrhythmia researchers and resources. Our vision is to generate new innovations in arrhythmia treatment and technologies that transform care, focus on the...
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Closing the distance key to managing advanced heart failure

At the heart of CANet’s quest to combat sudden cardiac death lies a few millimeters of cardiac muscle. For Dr. Jamie Manlucu, it will be enough. With CANet’s help, she is refining a groundbreaking technology that may give 40 per cent of Canadians suffering from advanced heart failure a second lease of life. The project...
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Discharging patients directly home from the emergency room – Guidelines to standardize acute atrial fibrillation and flutter (AAFF) treatment across Canada 

CANet has helped Dr. Ian Steill share an important fact with hospitals across Canada – the majority of AAFF patients can be effectively and safely treated in the emergency room and then discharged to return home. Steill, a CANet Investigator, clinical epidemiologist, and emergency medicine physician at The Ottawa Hospital Research Institute, received CANet’s Strategic...
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‘CASMER’ Launched in Alberta – Reducing Canadian Healthcare Costs by Eliminating Syncope Hospitalizations

Calgary, AB, June 11, 2018 – Paramedics in Calgary and surrounding areas are now able to increase capacity in the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) system, thanks to the CANet-funded project, CASMER, Community Alternatives for Syncope Management in the Emergency Room. CANet investigator, CASMER project lead and professor at University of Calgary’s Faculty of Medicine Dr....
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Identifying at-risk ventricular arrhythmia patients

As far back as 2005, Dr. Venkatesh Thiruganasambandamoorthy felt that the outcomes of adults with syncope seen in Canadian Emergency Departments (EDs) needed to be more fully investigated. So he led the study Outcomes in Canadian Emergency Department Syncope Patients – Are We Doing a Good Job? to see what could be learned. The study,...
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