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“Given the number of patients suffering with atrial fibrillation and the significant healthcare costs associated with managing it, there is a critical need for innovative minimally invasive cardiac procedures that improve patient outcomes without increasing healthcare costs”

Dr. Jason Andrade
Cardiology Fellow, University of Calgary and CHAT Member

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Fainting during pregnancy can be risky for mother and child

Fainting, also known as syncope, is the sudden loss of consciousness. In most cases, fainting is not dangerous – unless it is complicated by a fall or other injury – and the person recovers quickly. In some cases, however, fainting can be an indicator that something is wrong with the heart and that blood is not...
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Drone defibrillator delivery? Researchers say it may be faster than ambulances.

Researchers in Ontario are attempting to figure out how to deliver life-saving medical supplies in record times by answering a simple question with profound implications: Can an ambulance or a drone reach the scene of a medical emergency faster? To test this, medical personnel simulated a cardiac arrest emergency in a rural area north of...
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AED-equipped drones will decrease response time, saving the lives of cardiac arrest victims

This month, residents of Caledon, Ontario, will continue to see multiple EMS vehicles zip by their streets, responding to 911 calls. If they happen to look up, they will see something new. Drones equipped with Automated External Defibrillators (AEDs) – racing to the same locations. Dr. Sheldon Cheskes will be examining the response time and...
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Secure and Compliant Cloud-Based Clinical Data Repository (CDR) Jump Starts CANet’s Healthcare Workflow

CANet investigators use data from implanted and wearable cardiac devices to deliver more efficient cardiac arrhythmia care for patients across Canada. Currently, the Network is piloting wearable devices that transmit electrocardiogram (ECG) data into VIRTUES which will help doctors and patients track atrial fibrillation episodes, providing patients with personalized health care delivery, empowerment, and ownership...
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London, Ontario company plays a big role in the design of CANet’s VIRTUES Clinical Platform

“As product designers, we have to fall in love with the problem instead of the solution,” says Jonathan Kochis, head of Research and Design at the London, Ontario based firm “Focus on the solution, and you end up with a narrow view, possibly missing something crucial.” has partnered with CANet to design front-end...
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