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While health professionals and health researchers are the experts on the illness, patients are the experts of living with the illness. Patients bring direct experience and fresh perspectives to research. When patients are involved in health research, they are empowered to have a direct impact on arrhythmia care.

CANet believes that patients should play a key role in developing research agendas and conducting research and the Network involves patients in all aspects of decision-making, operations, and participation in research programs.

The CANet Patient Advisory Council (PAC) consists of 10 patients, caregivers or family members affected by arrhythmia from across Canada and who have significant experience in the healthcare system. Members of our PAC share their knowledge of living with arrhythmia to participate in the majority of activities and initiatives of CANet.

Each CANet-funded project and activity has a PAC member or other arrhythmia patient as a fully integrated member of the research team.

My motivation to join the project was to improve outcomes for other patients that live in remote areas that can benefit directly from remote sensing.

Tim Westhaver
CANet Patient Partner

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