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Informatics Platform

A state-of-the-art informatics platform that partners advanced analytics with data storage, federation and management.

Heart-SIGN will be an informatics platform that manages the acquisition, integration, storage, federation, analysis and sharing of multidimensional data collected from CANet study patients.

Heart-SIGN will be the data resource for arrhythmia research and clinical practice and also will provide a platform for research-based and clinical initiatives to identify clinical needs, track patients through the medical care system, and to measure outcomes. This unprecedented level of information and analytical capability will inform changes processes leading to system and patient level advances in treatment.

Learn about Heart-SIGN, an exciting collaboration between IBM and CANet. Heart-SIGN offers an unprecedented level of information and analytical capability to researchers, who will be able to harness the vast information available and, within minutes, uncover answers that previously might have taken years to discover.

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