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Symptom-driven Validated Physiological Data

A transformed Canadian arrhythmia care system that delivers personalized, patient-driven, integrated care resulting in improved access, quality, effectiveness and efficiency of care.

By delivering the best care to the patient at the right time and in the right environment, VIRTUES will result in the most efficient and effective care for each arrhythmia patient. Furthermore, the VIRTUES data platform will strategically enrich high-quality research directed at further improving outcomes of arrhythmia care.

Combining wearable biosensor technology (providing personalized physiological data), digital multi-media interfaces (providing personalized demographic structured and unstructured data) and validated analytics, VIRTUES will immediately integrate symptom-driven validated physiological data (rhythm, BP, others) into a patient-specific, personalized context and trigger an appropriate care plan from a set of plan previously co-developed with the patient.

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As a mHealth application, VIRTUES is a vital technological building block towards the realization of the transformation of care pathways in the management of arrhythmias.

Dr. Anthony Tang
Scientific Director and CEO, Cardiac Arrhythmia network of Canada (CANet)

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