Patient-Led Research

From governance to research to disease management, patients will be co-leaders in our Network

Our goal is to ensure patient partnership, involvement and acceptability throughout the research cycle; from conception, to execution, to implementation and evaluation, leading to outcomes that will allow patients to co-manage their arrhythmia disorders and help produce both economic and social benefits for Canada.

Throughout the network, patients will be engaged and empowered to identify unmet needs in each of CANet’s priority areas, and to co-develop research programs that will provide real clinical, social and economic benefits. In addition, there is an unprecedented opportunity to evaluate the impact of patient involvement on Network operations and outcomes, and in doing so, add to the growing science on patient engagement that will provide evidence for future public policy development in health care delivery and innovation.


Patient Advisory Council (PAC)

Members of CANet’s Patient Advisory Council serve as patient partners on the Board, committees of the network, and the network’s major projects and activities. The PAC will serve as an important knowledge dissemination conduit to and from public audiences. An action plan with yearly objectives has been designed to achieve our major goals regarding patient engagement. The plan covers all aspects including training of CANet members and patients, evaluation of the patient engagement plan, knowledge mobilization of the patient perspective, metrics and evidence base to measure the impact of PE on CANet processes and outcomes and knowledge transfer regarding impact to decision-makers.

Patient Advisory Council

Are you an arrhythmia patient who is interested in engaging in the research process?

Would you like to be involved in training peers, students and/or healthcare providers?

Find out more about CANet’s Patient Engagement and Empowerment Strategy, and our Patient Advisory Council.

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