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Advancing Heart Rhythm Health

The Cardiac Arrhythmia Network of Canada (CANet) brings together healthcare professionals, academia, government, industry, not-for-profit, and patients to support new ideas and ground-breaking research.

CANet is committed to developing effective practical solutions that address unmet needs and promote their use in personal, healthcare, and business applications. Our approach is to put the right tools in the right hands at the right time, to empower:

  • Patients to manage their own health
  • Caregivers to improve patient care at the bedside and in the community
  • Healthcare providers to give timely, effective, and efficient services


CANet’s Vision is a transformed patient-driven, sustainable care by which all Canadians benefit from effective prevention, early detection, and safe & effective care of heart rhythm disorders.


CANet’s Mission is to develop, evaluate, and implement innovative technologies and health strategies to improve arrhythmia health in Canada.


Our Networks goals and commitments are to finding innovative solutions to reduce premature death and suffering caused by heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias).

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  1. Over the next ten years, the Network’s strategic clinical targets are:
    1. 10% drop in sudden cardiac death
    2. 20% drop in atrial fibrillation hospitalization and emergency department visits
    3. 30% drop in syncope hospitalization and emergency department visits
  2. Over the next five years, the Network’s strategic business and capacity development targets are:
    1. Commercialization of 5-7 new technologies
    2. Launch of 30-40 new experts in public and private research
  3. Significantly improve the efficiency, effectiveness, and accessibility of arrhythmia care delivery in Canada and the world.
  4. Generate $40 Million in research contributions from industry, government and not-for-profit sectors.