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A New Generation

Highly Qualified Personnel

Aligned with our Networks goals and commitment to finding innovative solutions to reduce premature death and suffering caused by heart rhythm disturbances (arrhythmias), we strongly recognize that sustaining the future of this initiative lies in the hands of the next generation of investigators, clinicians, and healthcare professionals.

With our goal to propel 30-40 new professionals in public and private research through the development of Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP), we have formed the CANet HQP Association for Trainees (CHAT).

CHAT provides valuable resources and opportunities for its members to network with like-minded colleagues as well as, participate in events and competitions across Canada that help strengthen their research and career development.

To view competitions available for CANet HQP Association for Trainee members, visit the Funding Opportunities section of our website.

Our Impact

To date (March 2019), there have been a total of 112 courses and workshops with  2040 HQP trained. Since 2015, with CANet’s PROPEL goal, 32 new careers have launched into the workplace.

HQP Trained
New Careers Launched